How is the Muslim Jewish Interfaith Coalition different from other international organizations that work in the space of Muslim-Jewish relations?
Many of our staff came to the important work of Muslim-Jewish bridge-building through engagement with local and international organizations, and are eager to build on what they learned and expand to reach ever wider audiences. Our efforts complement one another, in that we’re all working towards the same goal of healing mistrust between people of our two faiths communities. In addition to dialogue and relationship building exercises, the Muslim Jewish Interfaith Coalition’s inaugural forum offers attendees with specialized professional development skills and, for those who opt into it, organizing tools. All of our events will have some form of text-based learning and theological elements, and will not exclusively focus on cultural connection. Ultimately though, what sets this organization apart will be our targeted focus on working with two particular sets of communities: Orthodox Jews/Conservative Muslims and Mizrahi Jews/Arab Muslims.

What does the program structure look like for the August forum?
The August forum will have a combination of sacred text-based learning, immersive experiences surrounding Muslim Jewish relations in Morocco, professional development and traditional interfaith dialogue.

Because our forum audience is young professionals between the ages of 23-39, we seek to provide them with tangible professional development skills as well as a heart opening and healing interfaith experience. That said, our forum will offer skill-building sessions on public speaking, grant writing, organizing, time management and professional actualization.
The forum will be centered around our house of study, the Beit Madrassa, a play on the Jewish study hall known as a “beit midrash” and the Muslim house of study, known as a “madrassa.” The space will be filled with learning resources including texts and our scholars in residence, and our programming surrounding theology will take place in that physical space.
In addition to the conversation surrounding theology, we will also have breakout sessions centered around different topics of the participants’ interests (this is indicated in the application).
We hope that through all of these programs and through shared spiritual experiences on Jumaa and Shabbat (as well as optional daily prayers) that we create a space for people to consider, grow and connect.

How can I apply for travel subsidies for the August forum?
We’re working on it and will have more information for you by mid-June.

How can I get involved in the organization?
We’re always interested in hearing from passionate individuals! Please contact us at

Do you really believe that Muslims and Jews can live together in full respect, cooperation, and community?
Yes, we really do.

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Rachel Delia Benaim


Rachel Delia Benaim is an award-winning journalist and interfaith activist.